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Re: stinky stuff

Mary Hackney wrote:
> At 2:36 AM -0500 8/23/98, Don Rash wrote:
> >I don't know why they
> >should smell different, unless it's the amount of pulp going into sheets of
> >different calipers.
> >
> >Don Rash
> They probably smell different because they contain recycled materials.
> Just depends on what has been recycled in that particular batch.
> Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity

Batches of Davey board may also vary in density.    I recently
received a whole pallet of board that I was concerned with because
it cut much more easily than the last. Gane Bros sent a rep out to
measure the thickness with a micrometer.  It was all the proper
thickness (.098).  The rep explained that batches might be more or
less dense depending on the nature of the recycled materials that
went into them.


Sharon Sweeney

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