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Re: archival PVA

I have had some Colophon PVA go bad, but I thought I might have gotten
some wheat paste into it which could have caused the problem.  It turned
orange and really stunk!  I personally like Jade 403 and had better order
some more before it gets cold and they won't ship it to Alaska.

Thank you for all the thoughtful contributions to this discussion.It is
such a fundamental one that is certainly worth revisiting.  Peter's
posting had a wealth of information and Ursula's on the technicalities of
PVA was enlightening.  People are always asking me questions about adhesives.

I'll close with a quote that's another version of something Peter said
and one of my favorites:

     "Keep an open mind--
          but not so open your brains fall out!"

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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