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Address change


Last month I shifted host computers and unsubscribed from computer x
sending in a new subscription to computer y.  I then set computer x so
that all messages send to it would be forwarded to computer y.

The net result is that I have been getting duplicates of all postings.
One sent to x and forwarded to y and one sent to y.

I've been trying to end this duplication but have not succeeded.  The
request for confirmation of my getting off of x comes to me at y.  When I
reply ok to the confirmation of my request to end address x it goes back
to the listserv with my y address.

IN SHORT:  Please remove me from the list at rstarr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks and sorry for the hassle.

R. H. Starr, Jr., Ph.D.
Psychology Department
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD  21250

Voice: 410-455-2368
Messages: 410-455-2567
FAX: 410-455-1055

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