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ExLibris Bookplate Exhibition

<<< Please respond directly to Nicole Walker, NOT the list>>>

My name is Nicole Walker, I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada.  I am
searching for people, and spreading the word about an art exhibition
that will be happening at the Hamilton Art Gallery in the fall of 1999.
This is quite a large event, and one of the main components of this art
show is an exhibition and judgement of ExLibris bookplates.

I am looking for people who are interested in donating works of art to
our show. The name of the show is The Compassion Project.  It is a large

show, including many famous artists, we already have a few confirmed,
but are always looking for other artist who would be interested in
getting involved.  If you have any ideas on how we can advertise over
the internet or spread the word I would be quite interested in any ideas

to help me out.

I am the international advertister, I am working for Paul Lission,
hamilton artist and librarian.  He has put on 3 art shows previously and

this is his biggest endeavor yet. He is well known, and with further
contact I can send you more information.

Unfortunately we are not able to spend money on advertising.  Word of
mouth and a poster campain are what we are aiming to use.

You can contact us at this address, or nicolewalker99@xxxxxxxxxxx my
alternate address.

Visit our Webpage at  http://www.compassionproject.org

thank you,
for any consideration and interest

Nicole Walker and the Compassion Project

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