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Re: stinky stuff

I am absolutely doing all of the good and sensible things you recommend,
including having a master supply from which I pour off a small quantity just
for the project I am currently working on and which never goes back into the
master supply. Based on Don's excellent information I am now thinking that
this is more a problem of "faulty" manufacturing. But thanks for the
comprehensive review of good working practices anyway. Can't be reminded
often enough!

Diane in San Diego

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Subject: stinky stuff

>"I replied to the original query with this comment:

> I've used PVA for over five years and never had it sour on me.
Suggest 1 - keep the brushes clean and dry, 2 - keep the PVA tightly
>covered between uses, and 3 - clean out the pot once in a while.
>Charles Schermerhorn
>Lompoc, Calif."

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