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Re: stinky stuff

I'm bothered by the description of "faulty." These adhesives are produced
for a number of applications of which bookbinding/bookarts are but a
pitance. Most industrial users will go through barrels of it in weeks if
not days. . Although less economical, if you're not going to use much of
it, don't buy to last for years. The glues, whether PVA, hide, or paste
will all go bad eventually. We also don't want preservatives such as tymol
or formaldahyde because they're toxic to us. We can't really ahve it both
ways. For paste, clove oil will help retard spoilage a bit, as will
keeping the paste, unstrained in water. After a short time, it will begin
to deteriorate however. Let's be realistic in our expecations.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Gerry & Diane wrote:

> Charles--
> I am absolutely doing all of the good and sensible things you recommend,
> including having a master supply from which I pour off a small quantity just
> for the project I am currently working on and which never goes back into the
> master supply. Based on Don's excellent information I am now thinking that
> this is more a problem of "faulty" manufacturing. But thanks for the
> comprehensive review of good working practices anyway. Can't be reminded
> often enough!
> Diane in San Diego
> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: stinky stuff
> >"I replied to the original query with this comment:
> > I've used PVA for over five years and never had it sour on me.
> Suggest 1 - keep the brushes clean and dry, 2 - keep the PVA tightly
> >covered between uses, and 3 - clean out the pot once in a while.
> >Charles Schermerhorn
> >Lompoc, Calif."
> >

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