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Re: stinky stuff

Gerry and Diane,

The point of my notes regarding PVA's manufacture has nothing at all to do
with <<faulty>> practices.  The manufacturer of the resins know perfectly
well what they are about when they use formaldehyde.  And in my opinion,
repeating here, so too do the manufacturers of the adhesive who use the
resins containing formaldehyde as an ingredient--indeed, the principle
ingredient--of their products.  It is to these latter folks on the rung of
things to which I would point my finger as being at fault for NOT
DISCLOSING the possible toxic nature of the some of raw materials they use.
 While it may be true that they do not add the stuff, it is there
nevertheless and they most certainly are abrogating their MORAL if not
legal responsabilities by not disclosing it presence in the final product
going to the consumer, PVA adhesive.

But, oh, hell, President Clinton does the same thing all the time.  Answers
questions truthfully but does not volunteer information.  And if Presidents
do it, what the hay??????

> From: Gerry & Diane <gweintr1@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: stinky stuff
> Date: Wednesday, August 26, 1998 8:08 AM
> Charles--
> I am absolutely doing all of the good and sensible things you recommend,
> including having a master supply from which I pour off a small quantity
> for the project I am currently working on and which never goes back into
> master supply. Based on Don's excellent information I am now thinking
> this is more a problem of "faulty" manufacturing. But thanks for the
> comprehensive review of good working practices anyway. Can't be reminded
> often enough!
> Diane in San Diego
> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: stinky stuff
> >"I replied to the original query with this comment:
> > I've used PVA for over five years and never had it sour on me.
> Suggest 1 - keep the brushes clean and dry, 2 - keep the PVA tightly
> >covered between uses, and 3 - clean out the pot once in a while.
> >Charles Schermerhorn
> >Lompoc, Calif."
> >

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