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Fwd: Exhibit SUNY Purchase

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Thought this might be of some interest. -- charles

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        From September 18, 1998, to January 17, 1999 (the dates seem to differ
slightly as listed by two sources), The Neuberger Museum of Art, State
University of New York at Purchase, is holding an interdisciplinary catalogued
exhibit, "The Next Word: Text and/as Design and/as Meaning,"  According to the
Museum website "The Next Word explores new avenues that link imagery and
language within an artistic context, concentrating on the areas of Visual Art;
Artists' Books; Visual and Concrete Poetry; Graphic Design; and New Media, and
includes work by artists, poets, and a new generation of web-based designers."

        The Sackner Archive is lending some of their holdings to the exhibit,
including the ms./typesc. of my VISUAL VOICES:THE POEM AS A PRINT OBJECT
(Runaway Spoon, 1994), the book itself, and an announcement I prepared for
previous exhibits.

        My ms./typesc. consists also of poems excluded for reasons of time and
space from VISUAL VOICES, poems for which, incidentally, I am seeking a
publisher. One or two of the latter can be found on Scratchpad; examples from
the book itself are on the Runaway Spoon site at


maintained by Damian Lopes at Prose and Contexts.

        Johanna Drucker is curating. I don't know which other poets'work will
be included. The opening reception is September 26, 1998, from 6:30 to 8:00

Irving Weiss



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