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PVA and MSDS sheets

Not to extend this "stinky stuff" thread too far, I just want to make a
suggestion. As a photographer who has worked with many chemicals, obtaining
the MSDS (manufacturer's safety data sheet) on the materials you use can
answer a few questions and inform us of how to handle such materials.
(Although they can also make you more confused and uncertain as well.)
Suppliers should be able to supply these to you, on the materials you
purchase from them.

When I started making books, I used PVA after being introduced to it in a
workshop, and eventually got a MSDS sheet for Jade 403, which in fact
listed both Formaldehyde and Vinyl Acetate as "Hazardous Components". It
also listed "Safe Handling Practices". I also had some PVA get a stronger
odor over time, so I called the manufacturer (not supplier) about the shelf
life of the PVA, and was told 3-6 months. So, figuring in time on the shelf
before it gets to your door,  I'd say buying in smaller quantities is the
wisest course of action.

I tried using straight paste instead of a mixture of paste or methyl
cellulose and PVA, but the book cloth spine area had lousy flexibility. (It
caused some bubbling between cloth and board,  and the cloth did not
adhere to itself very well when pasting two pieces of cloth together.) Does
anyone have a suggestion as to be able to use straight paste and have it
maintain a flexible hinge? Or smooth cloth to board adhersion over time?


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