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Re: Medieval Book Structures: Questions

Dear Whitney,
You will find a wealth of information in two books edited by Linda Brownrigg.
They are:
Making the Medieval Book: Techniques of Production
Medieval Book Production: Assessing the Evidence
Published by Anderson-Lovelace, The Red Gull Press, 1990 and 1995.
You can get them directly from Anderson-Lovelace at 13040 Alta Tierra Road,
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022.
They are about $45 to $50 each in paperback form.
They are scholarly works and worth reading every word. Two especially good
articles are by Michael Gullick: How Fast Did Scribes Write? and J. A.
Szirmai: Carolingian Bindings in the Abbey Library of St. Gall.
Looks like you would find it valuable to take classes at Rare Book School from
Chris Clarkson.
Good reading!
Kitty Maryatt
Two Hands Press and Scripps College Press

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