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Fire Recovery-Heavy water Damage to Vital Statistic Documents

Anybody out there who is able to send us information about dry
freezing of paper material and addresses of specialized firms.

Thanks a lot,
Ton Cremers

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Fire Recovery-Heavy water Damage to Vital  Statistic Documents

Can you refer me to the section of information that have vendors that
specialize in restoration of paper records.  This is not a library but
it seems the application apply here also.  I have for some time had a
copy of various procedures to deal with this situation, I am a private
contractors and am not the controlling party in this restoration.

But I would like some resources that I could have ready access to if a
request is made.

Primary problem is that paper records on the first floor are partially
soaked by fire extingishing efforts on the second floor. The building
is closed down while haz-mat investigates airborne contaminants. If
present the building will be locked out and restoration will be
delayed for weeks.   The AC is down and the humidity is high. This is
the immmediate criteria.  Any suggestions ?  R.Rogers    Fire was


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