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Fire Recovery-Heavy water Damage to Vital Statistics

Greetings from Maine...

I'm new here and I get the digest so this is probably too little too

The Boston Public Library had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. A
water main broke and flooded the basement. Government documents were
heavily damaged. They of course pumped the water out, brought in huge
air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The basement was cooled to 58
degrees (don't quote me on the temp) to discourage mold. The docs were
sealed in plastic and shipped by refrigerated trucks to TEXAS where they
were frozen. The article I read said this had to be done within 48 hrs.
Sorry, but I don't know the company in Texas! The BPL obviously had a
plan of action in place. Call them pronto.

The BPL immediately put information up on the web...

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Mary Nell Kindred

Women and the American Civil War
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