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Carolingian binding?

 Rebecca, the simple answer to your friend's question is yes, several.
Early western bindings do not survive in sufficent quantity for
certainty about where distinctive features appeared first and how they
spread.  The wanderings of insular religious to the continent and
subsequent communications with "home" produced a fair amount of exchange
and there is a clear influence both on the continent and in the British
Isles of eastern and coptic styles.  You might suggest to your friend a
look at a book edited by Linda Brownrigg on the Technology of the
Medieval Book which has an excellent article on the suviving volumes
from the library at St. Gall.  If your friend can read French, there are
articles by Berthe van Regemorter on the subject in Scriptorium, vol. 11

(1975) and vol. 2 (1948).
  Dorothy Africa

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