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numbering question

I am doing a set of small fat books - business card size - to be printed on
sheets of tear-apart business cards that you can get from the office supply
store. I would like to have a page number on each "page" (one business
card). (The pages will look rather like a theatre ticket, and I will be
illustrating them after they are printed on my laser printer.)
My question is, is there a way in Pagemaker 5.0 (for Mac) to create
automatic numbering of several paragraphs on the same page? Or will I have
to number each one separately? I have tried applying a style to the
paragraph that would have the number in it, and using the "bullets and
numbering" addition, but it will only number the first paragragh on the
page. All subsequent paragraphs have to be re-highlighted, and the addition
applied, and it applies the number 1 to each, not 2, 3, 4, etc.
It would be a terrible waste to only print 1 "page" on each sheet of paper.
There a short paragraph of regular text on each "page" also.
Thank you all for any suggestions!!

Beth Priestley
Painted Turtle Design
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