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Beth was Alps Color Printer

Hi Beth!!

I'm thinking of getting the Alps MD-1000 printer....I've been researching a
bit...and just have one question...is the printer very loud?  According the
the review I'm reading just now the "cons" are that it is very slow,
mediocre graphics and is very loud.....any thoughts???

Thanks for taking the time to answer this....I'm hoping to go shopping
tomorrow...take care,


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From: Beth Weiss <Alphabeth@xxxxxxx>
To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, August 17, 1998 3:29 PM
Subject: Alps Color Printer

>A while back there was a great discussion of color printers, which I read
>much interest as I was *in the market*. Check the archives. Someone
>the ALPS microdry printer, which I ended up getting. I went to Office Max
>see if they had one I could look at and the sales guy tried to dissuade me
>saying that the ALPS was only good for artists and graphic designers. SOLD!
>Good Points:
>-Ink is waterproof and (supposedly) fade-proof.
>-Individual replacement cassettes for each color of ink. Sorta like
>typerwriter ribbon. About $5 or $6 each.
>-Colors besides CMYB: White and four metallics: gold, silver, cyan, and
>magenta. There is also a finish cartridge which over-coats printed photos
>look shiny...like a printing varnish.
>-Awesome print quality; laser-like. Hubby is doing resumes and the
>between this and our old HP black is phenomenal...and the HP has been
>darn good! I think it might be that since the inks are dry they don't bleed
>all...very crisp text.
>-Built to handle heavier papers and cardstock. I have printed on 90# Arches
>WC paper and perforated business card sheets with excellent paper feed and
>printing results.
>-This was the clincher for me: Ability to print on black and dark papers.
>manual gives instruction regarding this, but basically you print a run of
>white and then print the colors as usual. This appealed to me because I am
>primaily a calligrapher and work on deep-toned papers with light-colored
>gouache a lot.
>-Limited in paper size to letter (8 x 10 max image size). I have actually
>stretched this to 9 1/2 inch wide paper and a little longer than 11".  The
>manual feed allows for the extra width, but I had to adjust the margins to
>keep the image centered.
>-Really only prints well on very smooth papers. Again I think this may be
>to the dry pigments... they don't sink into the texture of rougher papers
>wet ink would.
>-Very slow print speed. This doesn't bother me, but would drive my graphic
>designer friend nuts.
><A HREF="http://www.shopper.com/cmpny/105/04.html";>
></A>Their website is at     http://www.alpsusa.com    (they are the Alpine
>stereo speaker people)
>As I was calling the toll-free number to ask if they had printers which
>accomodated larger paper, the sales guy on the phone gave me a price that
>about $70.00 less than at Office Max ($289.00 [?] for the MD-1000) Since
>salesman at OM was not on commission, I ordered it right then, and have
>very pleased with the performance. Although I intend to make use of the
>specialty inks, I haven't yet. Have only cranked out the basic black work-
>horse stuff 95% of the time with a few nice colored prints.
>That's all I know. I'm glad the question came up as I have been meaning to
>thank the list for all the helpful info that is shared here.
>Beth Weiss

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