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Color Postcards -Reply

I did a web search (something fancy like Yahoo, entering "postcard" as the =
query) and came up with two or three West Coast companies with full =
fledged sites.  I e-mailed for samples and info from all, two responded in =
timely fashion.  I finally went with a company in WA state because they =
responded first and their samples, etc. looked fine.  They did the Idaho =
Center for the Book floaty pen exhibit postcard last year.  I sent camera- =
ready copy (color photo front with text on back) and had my postcards in =
two weeks.  Prices for both companies seemed pretty competitive--like $99 =
for 500, then the price per card got better.  I think I ordered 2,500?  =
And I'd work with them again, if I could remember their name.

You can also check those big green reference volumes (Thompsons? is that =
its name--I can show you right where they are in our Albertsons library =
here on the BSU campus...)(yeah, a life based on color coding).  Anyways, =
it lists every item on earth and every manufacturer, wholesaler, and =
dealer in the country. =20

Tom T.

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