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Re: Color Postcards

Here's the info for Modern Postcard:

Modern Postcard
6354 Corte del Abeto #E
Carlsbad, CA 92009
800 959-8365

At Editions, we used to use another company and we were very dissatisfied with
their product.  The biggest problem was that the color wore off as the cards
went through the postal sorting equipment!  So we were very pleased when we
found Modern Postcard.  Bur for us, the cards were not as cheap as we

Modern Postcard charges extra for just about everything.  We noticed that
people often posted our cards on bulletin boards, so we think it is a good
idea to identify the book pictured on the FRONT of the card, as well as the
back.  That means $10 more for the white border and another $10 for the
headline.  Also, their cards are 4 1/4" H, when most cards are just 4" high.
It costs another $25 to get them cut to the standard size.  We think the 4" is
important because we often include them with correspondence and 4 1/4" is too
big for a standard #10 business envelope.

Finally, I would definitely recommend that you pay the extra $10 for a black
and white proof.  You don't want to wait until you receive your finished cards
to find out that the photo was cropped in a way that does not please you.

Even with the higher than expected costs, we have had good results with their
work and they are the best that we have found. Nothing helps sell your work
like a good color photo.  Now it is possible to get them in large quantities
at a reasonable cost.


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