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Dear Susan:
I have used 2 companies, mostly for work projects (and I dont have info
here at home, if you can wait to next week, I could get it - both companies
have websites, however)-
- Modern Postcard in CA
They have a variety of options for front photo layout, and 2 sizes, and are
priced accordingly. The finished postcard is well done, with good color
reproduction from the slides that I have sent. The card is glossy on front,
and matt on back, and you can either send them laser hard copy for back
text, or they will set it - limited type styles however. Text on front is
also an option. You can pretty much order the quantity you want, in
thousands, and shipping is extra, per each 1000.
- US Press in GA
Minium is 5000, or 10,000. They prefer art on a disk, and their card is
laminated - very high gloss - on front. Also good color. Shipping is free,
or considerably less cost than Modern, and their printing costs run less
also. However, you must order a higher quantity. Text on front is an
option, and they charge $19.00 per slide.

The sizes of card vary slightly from company to company, but both offer a
regular size and an oversize (6x8"). However, layouts can be pretty much
how you want it - it doesn't have to be the square layout that they show in
their catalogs. Both will fax back a b&w proof for ok, both do good color.
Allow at least an extra week's time than they say - I've never gotten a
card back as fast as they say it will take. Both will run less cost tha
having it done locally - unless you know someone. Make sure your slide is
how you want it - they will crop, but no color correction, or background
adjustments are available - or, I wouldnt trust them. Also, as Ed
mentioned, be sure you read through carefully, and calculate all the
"extras" - or call them before sending in your orders to get the right

Another option is buying the postcard blanks from OfficeMax - and printing
them yourself on a color printer.

Good luck!!! (and don't wait to the last minute ....)

Beth Priestley
Painted Turtle Design
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              \\ //
           W  _\_/_  W
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