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Re: etchings bound into book???

Yes, I have bound my etchings into a book.  I used card stock as the
signature and individually bound each  'signature' to the spine by going
outside and around the spine and tying a sheep shank knot at both the top
and bottom.  The book boards are covered in a high fibber content paper.
The etchings, which I hand colored with acrylic inks and water colors (which
look neat over the black oil ink) are tipped in on each signature.  The
etchings show the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.  I was very pleased
with how the book turned out as I dreamt up the binding myself.  I used many
of the traditional bookbinding techniques, adding endpapers, etc., but the
binding is my own.  I used medium weight twine.  jansapp@xxxxxxx  still
exploring book structures to display my prints.
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From: mhafftka <michael@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998 12:28 AM
Subject: etchings bound into book???

>I am a new member to this list.
>I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knows of any one who has
>bound etchings into book form?
>Any interesting links to etching web sites?
>Michael Hafftka

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