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Paper & Card Weights (Was: Color Postcards)

>I found the postings about postcards very informative, but can any one tell me
>about the designation "pt" with regard to card stock. I am familiar with "pt"
>for type or "lb" for paper but ....I assume 15pt is heavier than 12- how does
>that relate to 65 lb cover? Louise Neaderland


The American system for dealing with the weights of paper and card stock is
long overdue for a change. It's not only confusing it's rather stupid, in
my opinion. Papers generally, and that includes cover stock, are measured
in what's known as "M weight", meaning so many pounds per 1000 sheets of a
certain size. I'm not positive but I think the size may be standardized at
25 x 38 inches. The problem is that not all papers come in 25 x 38 sheets.
Nonetheless, the standard is supposed to allow you to compare the relative
weights. So, in your question about 65lb cover, it simply means that 1000
sheets of that particular stock, assuming they were 25 x 38 inches in size,
would weigh 65 pounds.

Card stock, for some strange reason, is measured in points, but where those
points came from or how they are measured (other than with a caliper) I
don't know. Hence, the confusion in trying to compare a 12pt card stock
with a 65lb cover stock, and you are not the only one confused. Also, I
should point out that 15pt card is *thicker* than 12pt card, but not
necessarily heavier.

BTW, the American system is also used in Canada although we are gradually
converting to the Metric system which, in paper weights at least, seems
less confusing. All stock are measured in grams per square metre, such as
245 gsm: meaning one square metre of this stock weighs 245 grams. Now all
you have to figure out are how much is a gram and what's a metre ;-)

Hope this helps a little,

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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