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Re: Paper & Card Weights (Was: Color Postcards)

>A correction on your email. 65 lb. cover stock means that 500 (not 1000)
>sheets of paper will weight 65 lbs. in the basic size, which for cover
>stock is 20 x 26. The basic size of 25 x 38 only refers to book, text
>and offset paper. Each classification of paper has its own basic size
>from which you determine the basis weight. Ah, paper math!

This just proves my point about a confusing, stupid system: whoever set it
up couldn't even standardise the number of sheets or the size, so the
comparisons are meaningless, except within each paper category. Oh well, at
least we're not dealing with Demy Royal Octavo or Elephant Folio, as
romantic as those names are (or were) ;-)


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