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Grateful for any feedback

I'm a third year English and Related Arts student in the UK and I'm
planning my Personal Study. The assessment of the study can be up to 75%
weighted towards practical work and I am planning to make a series of
books as the central focus of this practical work.

At present, my plans are for each of the books to be based around
particular angels (eg Gabriel, Annael) - and for them to be presented as
if these books are the forms those specific angels have chosen to take.
The audience will be required to treat them with due reverence, washing
their hands before they are allowed to touch them and so forth.

I already have some specific ideas for particular books (in fact, I'm
working on the prototype, Sammael), but when I found out there was a
newsgroup dedicated to artists' books I thought I would see if there was
any kind of reaction to the basic idea.

Do any of you know of any very similar kinds of presentations done by
other people? Any comments at all would be most welcome.

Thanks for reading this mail,

Wes White

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