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letterpress market

  This announcement is being forwarded to the list on behalf of the
organizers of the event so please do not respond to the list. =20
Information about whom to contact is provided in the message.  Thank
 Dorothy Africa

  2nd Annual
Letterpress Guild of New England
Saturday, October 3, 1998 =95 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
West Springfield / Agawam Elks Pavilion
429 Morgan Road, West Springfield, MA
=95 Dealer space outdoors and under the pavilion.
=95 Community tables for single items to swap, sell or display.
=95 Bulletin board for posting =93For Sales=94, =93Swaps=94 or =93Wants=94=

=95 Open to all interested in or involved with any facet of letterpress:=

        Production - type, presses, working tools, etc.
        Finished Items - broadsides, books, notes & cards.
        Materials/Manuals - paper, ink, catalogs.
An all-round letterpress day for all letterpress afficionados.
Admission $2.00
Door Prize                                Food/Beverages
Information - call John Barrett
Letterpress Service, Inc.
85 Phelon Avenue, West Springfield, MA 01089
Tel: 413-732-0399 =95 Fax: 413-732-2146

An all-round =93letterpress=94 day sponsored by the Letterpress Guild of=

England, Saturday, October 3, 1998 - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
If you print, craft, bind, sell, swap or collect, here=92s the perfect
=95       market or purchase equipment and related tools or items;
materials and
supplies for production; or finished goods and products.
=95       Mix and mingle with others from the New England/New York state=

area who
share your interest in our craft.
The Market is open to any firm, association or individual interested in
involved with =93letterpress=94 be it for profit or hobby.  The event is=

meant to
be as all encompassing as possible . . . the common denominator is very
The location is the West Springfield/Agawam Elks Lodge, at 429 Morgan
Road in
West Springfield, MA.  On the grounds, there=92s lots of space and plent=
convenient parking around a large, covered pavilion.
Outdoors:  If you=92re a =93big=94 dealer of equipment, there are 20=92 =
x 20=92
plots to
park a van or truck on and spread out your hardware.  Or select a 10=92 =
spot for a table set-up.  For anyone with only an item or two to swap or=

bring them along to display on a =93community=94 table.
Under the pavilion:  If you manufacture items for production (paper,
inks, etc.); or print and/or craft finished goods (broadsides, booklets.=

cards. etc.), 8=92 x 10=92 spaces are available for more formal
merchandising set-
ups.  But if your production endeavors are more limited, or you only
wish to
display your handiwork, 10=92 rectangle or 8=92 circular picnic tables (=
attached) can be used to showcase your wares.
Also, bulletin boards will be available to post =93for sales=94, =93swap=
or =93FYI=92s=94 on.  If =93it=94 is too large to carry, bring a photo a=
nd related

detail.  Or if you can=92t attend, mail us a photo and/or pertinent deta=

Reservation for space and accessories by September 29, please!
The Elks Lodge is conveniently located in West Springfield, MA minutes
the Mass. Pike (Rt. 90), Rt. 91 and Rt.5 (map right).  Good lodging is
available close by (call for details).  Food and beverages offered by
Elks.  A $2.00 donation per person. (No coolers, pets or alcoholic
please).  At 1:00 p.m. a door prize will be awarded . . . a $25
certificate redeemable with any of the dealers present.
For space reservations or information, contact John or JoAnn Barrett at
Letterpress Services, Inc., 85 Phelon Ave., West Springfield, MA 01089,
Telephone 413-732-0399 or Fax 413-732-2146.

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