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An easy 3 section binding

I figured out a quick and interesting 3 section sewing last night that I
thought I would share.  I won't call it orignial--no doubt some one has
done the same thing before.  I am getting ready for our big crafts fair
and needed some relatively quick and less expensive things.

I had a three section booklet with a cover of heavy handmade paper that
was simply folded around the sections.  It had been sitting around for a
while because I couldn't decide how to reinforce the spine so that the
sewing holes wouldn't tear out.  Glueing in layers of Japanese tissue
seemed like more work than this project was worth and then it shows from
the inside.  Suddenly it occurred to me that the strengthening could be
on the outside.

I took a piece of bamboo from a sushi rolling mat that has a D hape in
profile.  The flat side fits flush against the spine.  The center section
has four holes.  I cut notches in the bamboo to keep the threads from
slipping.  The holes in the cover come out under the bamboo.  I sewed
        the middle section first to get the bamboo in place, leaving the
   o    stitches loose until they were all in place so I could get the
  o o   needle out.  The outer two sections had two holes about a quarter
   o    inch apart half way between the midsections--shown as a single o
  o o   on the "drawing" at left due to the complexities of typing a
   o    drawing!  I sewed both outer sections at once, starting in the
        bottom hole of one pair and going down in the top hole of the
same pair and up in the bottom one, makeing a cross stitch over the
bamboo.  I used different colors for the mid and outer sections.  It
looks really nice and was a cinch to do.  It is so satisfying when the
solution to a structural problem yields a nice design.
        x    From the outside the sewing over the bamboo looks
        -     like this.
        -       Joyce Jenkins
        x       Petersburg, Alaska

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