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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 6 Sep 1998 to 7 Sep 1998

Robbin, this is Barbara Broff Goldman in Pittsburgh ( i took your class 2
summers ago at the women's studio workshop) and i was reading your E to Kim (a
friend) about  your teaching a class here.  Kim and I and another woman, Kitty
Spangler,  have been arranging these workshops in pgh and have more than
filled them all. Pgh is just awakening to book arts and it's exciting for me.
I am the one who does the housing and feeding of the instructors and sometimes
we use my studio for the workshops. Soooo, even tho i'm SURE kim will see your
message, fell free to E me about it. i'm sure mimi told you she was here last
april and we just had a great weekend. she and i just got on like two old
friends, it was really nice.
Hope we can arrange something.
take care

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