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Re: Alum Tawed Goatskin and covering in stages

Bob Roberts wrote:

>         How do you recommend covering in stages using wheat paste? Do you
> paste the leather completely, but adhere only the spine... or paste only
> the surface the leather will be attached to?
>         Regarding the turn-ins... If not careful, I've had an ugly dark
> tide line at the corners after following this procedure: pva for the
> boards, wheatpaste for the turn-ins. We tried duplicating that problem
> with scraps of the alum-tawed goatskin, but couldn't. So far, I've only
> had it show on red harmatan. Any thoughts? Does it have to do with red
> dye releasing during wetting?
> Bob

Paste only the surface you're adhereing at each stage; after attaching the
leather to the spine put the book between clean boards and a weight  until
dry. Paste out and lay the sides and again between boards ( with clean
blotters this time) and a weight. Damp the joints and flex the boards open,
then do the turn-ins.

As you surmised, the tideline problem has to do with migration of dyes or
impurities in the skin, and it's not something one can predict. A solution
which works for me is that anytime I dampen an area (turn-ins, say) I
lightly damp the whole skin.

Good luck,


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