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Re: Help with a multiple signature binding?

Something I use with difficult hinges is Tyvek. This is a very thin plastic
material most familiar as those plastic envelopes the post office has for its
priority mail. You can also find these envelopes (mostly white with little
printing) at stationary stores. Many art supply stores sell sheets of tyvek.
If I were covering a book with hand made paper, I would first join the front
and back boards to the spine board with a strip of tyvek. The strip of tyvek
should be the same height as your cover and about one inch bigger than the
spine board and the "gap" between the boards -- in this case, about one and a
half or two inches wide. Glue (use PVA) the tyvek to the outside of the spine
board and the front and back boards leaving the gap and thus joining the parts
of the case. Then just cover your case as usual. The tyvek is covered on the
outside by the hand made paper and it so thin it should not leave much of a
mark visible under the paper you used to cover the case. On the inside the
tyvek is covered by the boards and the end papers glued to the inside of the
case.   Patty Grass

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