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Re: Letters in Gold exhibition- Ottoman Calligraphy

This question is more computer than book so please forgive me but any help
would be appreciated. This message, "Letters in Gold exhibition- Ottoman
Calligraphy" came across on my screen with a red background. I kept it so I
could go back to it later. When I reopened it the background was brown and
letters very hard to read. I kept it again and opened it again and it was all
black. I have received a few other messages from the list that were totally
black. If I copied and pasted to another file, I could then read the message.
Does this happen to others or is this just my own computer problem?

 I also tried to go to the web site  given,

and received the following message
The Web address you requested is not available in a version supported by
AOL. This is an issue with the Web site, and not with AOL. The owner of
this site is using an unsupported HTTP language.

 Is there another way to get to this web site?

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