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Re: Help with a multiple signature binding?

I wonder if this would work for you, I have seen it done successfully and
effectively. Before covering the boards, put a piece of fabric on the inside,
leaving space in the middle to accommodate the spine piece and the gaps the
gaps and extending 1" onto the front and back boards. It should be the same
height (or even a little less) than the boards themselves. Cover the spine
piece separately with the cover paper and glue it in place onto the fabric and
between the cover boards. Then glue up the cover boards and attach your
handmade paper to the outside and finish the book as you would normally.

I wonder too if it wouldn't be possible to attach your handmade paper to a
lightweight fabric (even a pelon, for example) and then glue the fabric side
to the boards instead of the paper side - the opposite of what you would
normally do. I have successfully used double sided iron-on pelon (which comes
in several weights) to attach fabric to boards, ironing it both to the fabric
and to the boards themselves. It's a little tricky, but does work and should
work with even less trouble with paper covers. Pelon is not woven, but would
add strength with flexibility, the same as it does when used as interfacing in

Barbara Harman

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