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Re: Help with a multiple signature binding?

I second Peter's idea of the Bradel Binding.  I teach a basic book binding
workshop for a letter press class here at the university and use this
method. I originally began using the bradel binding because you can make
the structure without book presses or other specialized tools.  The goal of
the class was to teach the students how to make a book using materials all
found locally (such as laminating mat boards for the cover boards and using
hand made papers for covering materials) and tools they would have (I
supplied such things as bone folders, which you can get away with out
having, but then the local art store started carrying them!).  Also, the
Bradel structure is easy to make, and I was able to teach the students the
whole binding process -- from folding to sewing to casing in -- in 1 1/2 days.

Looking back at my samples, which have been handled and abused in the
workshops over the last three or four years, the books have held up
wonderfully.  I have never had one of the covers detach or have the paper
split.  The extra layer of paper which the bradel binding uses under the
covering material really helps stablize everything.  Another advantage is
this binding creates nice looking "shoulders" on flat back books.


Eric Alstrom

  I am, above all, an artist. I use everything in relation to it.
  Art should flavor everything in your life. It should be your
  definition of why you are living.
                             Murray Louis, Dancer/Choreographer


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