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Re: Artist Book Workshop in Guatemala

Barbara, barbara, barbara.  I just can't believe I'm reading email from
you.  Your name was so highly recommended from our class with Jean Formo
just this Sunday and my friend, Jennifer Grove and I were discussing in our
6 hour ride from class on how to get in contact with you.  We would love to
try and organize a class.  We also discussed trying to start a Southeastern
Ohio Book Artist Club.  Jean was telling us that you just got back from
Quatamala.  Can you email me some info on schedules of where you are
teaching and when we might schedule you; price, etc.  Thanks for sharing.
Brenda de la Mora in Malta, OH.

> From: Barbara Harman <ArtSurvive@xxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Artist Book Workshop in Guatemala
> Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 12:59 AM
> Dear List Members (and any friends whom you think this might interest):
> I will be offering my workshop, Artist Books/Creative Personal
> through <A HREF="http://artguat.org";>Art Institute in La Antigua
> February 19-28, 1999. Last year's workshop was a great success, which if
> are on my mailing list you already know (and if you aren't and would like
> be, just send me your name and address off-list and I'll remedy the
> situation)!
> The workshop includes painting and construction of five innovative book
> along with a 32-page album covered in Guatemalan fabric and embellished
> locally produced beads. Lunch with a Mayan family in a nearby village, a
> to Libros San Cristobel (Christopher Beisel's handpress and bookbinding
> studio) and travel to the colorful market town of Panajachel on the
shores of
> Lake Atitlan, with lots of time for shopping, are included as part of the
> travel package. Antigua is a charming small town (the old colonial
> situated high in the mountains of Guatemala. It has a near-perfect
> friendly people, great food and an international atmosphere. The Spanish
> language schools there are justifiably famous for their one-on-one
> instruction.
> Please take time to visit the web site (just click on the highlighted
> words, or go to http://www.artguat.org/). You can also contact Liza Foure
> 612-825-9747, email her at info@xxxxxxxxxxx, or respond to me off list
> more information. If you know of other online lists, sites or
> that would appreciate knowing about this workshop and The Art Institute
in La
> Antigua, please feel free to forward this message to them or to contact
> with the relevant information. Thanks.
> Barbara Harman

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