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Re: Help with a multiple signature binding?

Eric and all,
I can not thank you all enough for the tremendous amount of help given.  I
now have a few ideas to try.  Forgive my ignorance...but I do have more

When I went to the book arts faq (before posting to the list) I looked at
the German bradel Binding...and just assumed that it wouldn't be appropriate
as I am not rounding the spine of these small books....

I know this question will seem really stupid, but here goes.

If I am using a spine cut from the same material as my cover boards, as
opposed to the spine material used in a Rounded back....is this called a
"Flat back"?

If so.....Eric has given me the courage to try this technique first....and
then move on to try the others for comparison.

I know that a rounded spine adds additional strength and integrity to the
book as opposed to not rounding the spine ( at least I think I remember
reading that somewhere)...what is the delineation of thickness where
rounding is not necessary?  In other words....should I be rounding on a
small 5 section sewing whose spine thickness is approximate 1/4 to 3/8 inch

With much gratitude,
Central NY

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