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Re: Help with a multiple signature binding?

No question is stupid.

The structure of the Bradel Binding is just appropriate for a square back
as a rounded book. One of things that many binders do is to use boards
which are too thick. For a book such as you describe I would use a 60pt or
maybe a 72pt board. For the spine I would use something like a 20 or maybe
a 40. It doesn't take away from any strength issues, but helps
tremendously on the asthetic side. They just don't look as cluncky.

As to round. As a rule I try to round and back, even if only very lightly
everything. I admit that rounding a book with just 2-3 sections can be a
pain, but it can be done. If you're doing a flatback, just shaping the
swell from the sewing should be enough to get a nice shoulder. The
spine strip (whatever thickness) will be just a hair shorter than
the thickness of the spine. Ideally that shoulder should equal the
thickness of the board so that when the book is resting on a flat
surface it all lies nicely flat. If you make the spine exactly as wide as
your spine it always ends up a bit thicker and wears more at that space.

As an aside, also try to avoid the temptation of making your sections
thicker. It takes less time sewing, but makes it more difficult to shape
the spine.

BTW. A round spine isn't neccesarily stronger. When properly rounded and
backed, a book does keep it's shape better in the long term.


> When I went to the book arts faq (before posting to the list) I looked at
> the German bradel Binding...and just assumed that it wouldn't be appropriate
> as I am not rounding the spine of these small books....
> I know this question will seem really stupid, but here goes.
> If I am using a spine cut from the same material as my cover boards, as
> opposed to the spine material used in a Rounded back....is this called a
> "Flat back"?
> I know that a rounded spine adds additional strength and integrity to the
> book as opposed to not rounding the spine ( at least I think I remember
> reading that somewhere)...what is the delineation of thickness where
> rounding is not necessary?  In other words....should I be rounding on a
> small 5 section sewing whose spine thickness is approximate 1/4 to 3/8 inch
> thick?


Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

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