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Re: Letters in Gold exhibition- problems

One of the problems with that posting is that an HTML file was sent. Most
newer email programs translate that HTML and nicely display it. Eudora,
Outlook, and Netscape are some of those. Un fortunately if one doesn't use
a new email client one ends up with the raw ascii code... Look in the
archive to see what it really looks like. The URL is

Colors are one of the things indicated in the code. What could have been
happening is that Patricia's machine was running low on memory. If I have
too many things open and the files are too big I have gotten the effects
she described. Rebooting helped. It could also be that a file was
corrupted somewhere on her system.

While I don't want to discourage sending articles via email, please don't
send a whole HTML page unless cutting and pasting it into a mail message
and stripping out any styles [Eudora lets you do that]. You can also say,
hey here's a great page and send the URL. Those won't cause any problems
and the link will be highlighted in the archive. An HTML page in the
archive looks horrible and can be unreadable... Both are prefered.

Just a thought.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Mindy Dubansky wrote:

> I have forwarded Patricia Grass's problem to our web administrator.
> Nora Lockshin
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> Book Conservation Dept.                 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
> Phone:  (212) 650-2891                  Thomas J. Watson Library
> Fax:    (212) 570-3847                  1000 Fifth Ave.
> E-Mail: metart2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       New York, NY 10028

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