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Re: A new English private press

 > >Do you accept checks in US dollars? And, if so how much would the=
 25 pound
>book be? I would imagine somewhere around $40?? Or do you possibly a=
>credit cards? >

The following information was recently published in a UK family histo=
journal which may help in this situation. =20

Banks in the USA appear to have difficulty in issuing cheques  in any=
other than US dollars.  If sent to Europe in dollar cheques, the conv=
cost is often more than the face value, and therefore no help to the
recipient.  It is not a problem this end as UK banks will issue chequ=
es in
dollars and most major currencies through their international links, =
that it can cost some =A312 to =A315 per cheque!

However there is a method of payment costing no more than 3 dollars p=
cheque, which is simple to operate and satisfies both sender and rece=
Americans wishing to send, say pound sterling cheque to Britain shoul=

 1. Telephone Ruesch [Reusch??] International in Washington, D.C. on =
toll free
number 1 800 424 2923. They will quote the conversion rate into dolla=
rs and
add 3 dollars fee. They will ask for the name of the payee and also g=
ive a
Confirmation Number. =20

2. Send a personal cheque for the amount to Ruesch International, 700=
St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 4507. Refer to the name of the payee and=
 give the
Confirmation Number. Within a few days you will receive a Ruesch cheq=
ue for
whatever amount you ordered made out to the payee, and which you can =
post to

I suspect that it is normally used for subscriptions, but I see no re=
ason in
principle why it is not possible for purchase of a book. =20

Rodney Fry=20
Berkshire =20

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