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Re: Query: making a book box

        I've made "book safes" with a plunge router and the help of our
local cabinet maker. One can try cutting, page by page, in a straight
line downward through the book, but  rarely will you actually cut
straight. The easiest way to make a bunch of these is to cut a template
out of press board that is the size of your opening. For an average 6x9"
book, you might want a 4x7" opening. The template then needs to be
tightly clamped over the book, opened to where you want the real pages to
end and the safe to begin. Both boards should be opened all the way back,
with textblock resting on a scrap of wood. This ensures that a clean cut
is made through the pages without gouging up the bottom of the cut as is
common with routers. It also means that you simply cut or rout around the
perimeter instead of having to carve out the entire inside of the text
        The book needs to be clamped as tightly as possible, as a router
will make a smooth cut on firm material but will tear and feather the
edges of loose sheets. Run the router around the inside of the template
and there you have it!
        The bottom and sides of the cut can be lined with any sort of
material you like, the back board usually glued to the last cut page so
that the safe only opens from one direction.

        I fiddled with a "regular router" (one without the plunge
feature) and found the only real difficulty was in getting the hole
started. Some help from a cabinet maker would surely expedite mass


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