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Free Letter Press


    Some of you may remember back a year ago when I inquired if anyone
was interested in buying a 9X12 letterpress located in North Seattle.
Circumstances prevented me from getting rid of this press then, so I'm
going to try again.

  This is a 9X12 letterpress, with chases and hardware, and probably
some type, with a Kluge vacuum operated automatic feeder. It ran
perfectly when last used, about 25 years ago. Until last month it
resided in a garage, where it collected dust and surface rust, no other
damage. Last month I took photos af the complete press, partially
disassembled it, and moved it out of my garage to make room. It, and all
of its pieces, are now under a tarp at the back of a long driveway
waiting for some industrious soul to come get it.

Please note the following details carefully!
This is a dirt driveway, and the very absolute closest you can get a
vehicle is about 30 feet from the press! The driveway is partially
blocked by a steel storage unit that is not moveable, but I believe
there is room to get the press past this obstacle. This press probably
weighs a good 700 lbs, disassembled! The only feasible solution that I
see is to finish disassembling the press and moving it piece by piece,
and even this is going to be tough. Because of our schedules, neither my
wife or I be able to lend any assistance to whoever moves it.  An air
hose will be available, however,  if anyone wants to bring air tools. I
will not supply any tools other than the air hose, and a pry bar. Due to
the possible risk of injury, anyone working on this press will have to
sign a release form absolving me of any liability if they are injured,
or their vehicles or posessions damaged. Furthermore, it must be removed
in a timely fashion, not spread out over several weekends

    So now, after all that. This sucker is free to whoever wants to come
and get it. If you're serious, and have the resources to move it, please
call me at 206-367-9062 between 12:00 and 5:00 PM on wekeends and
between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM ONLY on weekdays. It's first come, first
serve, and as is where is.

Thanks for reading!

David Anderson

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