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Re: Places in New York to take classes?

There's also a series of classes in the Book Arts at the East Side Y, on
Lexington and 45th. St. or thereabouts. In addition to whatever bookies
give classes from their own studios.  My untrustworthy Yellow Pages gives
the address and phone number as the Vanderbilt YMCA, 224 E. 47th St,

 On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, Barbara
Coddington wrote:

> A friend who is moving from interest in book arts into making books (another convert!) would like to know about book arts
> classes in New York City (or Brooklyn). I am aware of SoHo's Center for Book Arts... anything else we can tell her?
> Please respond to the list or directly to the inquirer, Laura, at larue@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Thanks everybody!
> Barb Coddington

Paul Werner, New York City

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