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Long Beach Show

Long Beach, CA  Numismatic & Philatelic Exhibit
24-27 September at the Convention Center

We will have our book shop at the exhibit and look forward to seeing any List
members at the show.  Please mention the fact that you are list members and
receive a 10% courtesy discount on books.

We will have a  large selection of books on Classical & Modern Numismatics
Philatelics and History for your consideration.

20,000 other titles available from:

Art Rubino & Co.
Antiquarian Booksellers
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504
Phone   505 982 8792
Fax       505 982 0291
Email  Art_Rubino@xxxxxxx

Contact me off list for reasonable prices and for a copy of my email

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