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Oh, what a lovely little essay!  Thanks, Paul.  I've been following your
postings about your NYC activities.  Hope to meet you sometime in the City.

At 09:55 AM 9/22/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Rome is an epigrapher's paradise. There are hundreds of churches with
>extraordinary inscriptions covering millenia. Almost any church is
>rewarding, but I recommend Sta. Maria in Popolo for Humanist tombstones,
>the Cloister of San Giovanni in Laterano for a large collection of
>Classical and Gothic inscriptions, and the Aracoeli for a visit to Matteo
>the Scribe (to the right of the main entrance).
>If memory serves me right the fine bookbinders cluster around the Via dei
>Grecchi (sp?), by the Via del Babuino. Usually the shop doors are open to
>the street. Prepare to be humbled, because Italian craftsmen (I haven't
>met any women in that area)  tend to see a skill where we see "Aht." It's
>a refreshing lack of sentimentality. There are also numerous craft shops
>around the Via Benvenuto Cennini, though mostly carpentry, as I recall.
>Finally - don't make careful plans. The best-known churches in Italy are
>Santa Maria Sempre Chiusa (Holy Mother of Perpetual Closing) and San
>Giovanni in Restauro (Saint John the Major Renovation). It's the journey
>that counts, not the destination. Wish it were mine.
>Paul Werner, New York City
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