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Munich Trip Query

Beth -

One of my favorite museums in the world is located in Munich. The Deutches
Museum seems to be the German equivalent of the American Smithsonian,
particularly with regard to technology exhibits. On one trip took me three
days to go through it all.

Since printing and papermaking are important aspects of German history, the
museum has a section that deals with the development of both of these
crafts. In addition to numerous pieces of historical apparatus, I remember
a facsimile recreation of Gutenberg's shop and an operational papermaking
machine that was used for daily demonstrations of the modern process. I
also remember that some of the metal typesetters were still functional and
were demonstrated by allowing visitors to set their names into lead slugs
-- which they got to keep.

The exhibits all have written descriptions in English, but most of the
demonstrations were in German. Still, it was very enjoyable just seeing
some of the machines actually run.

- Moss Hartt

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