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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Actually that whole thread has just been mounted with a link from the
"Links" page (at top). URL is in sig file. I've been rereading it for a
talk I'm giving at the "Hot Type in a Cold World" symposium that's coming
up in mid-November. There's A LOT of great material in there. I actually
found the last 20 or so posting to that thread and will add them tonight.
I know people who used some of that information and the discussion itself
as grist for their MFA thesis.

Since I mentioned the syposium and my talk, if anyone would like to share
with me (off-list please) their thoughts and impressions of how digital
communication and the web have changed the way we as artists communicate
and work I'd love to hear from you.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Dorothy Africa wrote:

>  Yikes, Duncan. Weren't you around for that whole long thread about art
> vs. craft a while back?  There should be lots of gist for your mill in
> it, so I'd suggest a wee wander through the list archives.
>   It does sound like an interesting course to teach.  I hope you sneak
> in quite a lot of history of the book.  Of course, I'm an historian by
> training so that is my approach to almost anything.
>  Dorothy Africa

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