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Re: Etching Question

To Robyn Sassen:  Re: uneven ink distribution on etching plates

Robyn, you don't say what colors you are using, but here are some possible
causes/solutions to this problem.  1)  You are printing in blue, white, green
or mixing those colors into others.  Some pigments are stiffer and more
difficult to wipe.  I usually add #00 burnt plate oil to the ink to loosen it
up and make it wipe easier.  2)  The tin of ink you are using is old and the
oil in it has aged and become denser and stickier.  Either add plate oil or buy
fresh ink.  3)  you're just wiping unevenly.  Make sure you are bunching the
tarleton tightly into a ball and not wafting it around and dabbing at the
plate.  Don't use phone book paper or newspaper to wipe; do hand wipe.  Make
sure you are wiping in an even pattern across the plates.  4)  The weather
could be your problem because humidity makes inks harder to wipe; add a little
magnesium carbonate to your ink or turn on the air conditioning/dehumidifier.
Dry heat should make things easier to wipe.  Some people heat their plates a
little to loosen the ink, but if you do this don't cook the ink into your plate
or you will make things worse.  Good luck.

Robyn Sassen wrote:

> Dear All
> I've recently started printing again after a very long hiatus and wonder if
> any of you may be able to give me a word of advice.  I'm encountering a lot
> of scumming on my plates.  It's suddenly become very hot over here and I
> don't know if it could be a contributary factor.  I am working with T M
> Lawrence tinned ink and am printing two plates in one image - the one is
> zinc and the other is copper.  Both have been etched at various depths,
> utilising aquatint as well as hard ground techniques.  I'm planning to do a
> combination of chine colles on this image and am disturbed that I am not
> getting a regular ink distribution across both plates.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Robyn Sassen.

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