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Re: QUERY: Rome trip

Linda, I just want to add on to what Paul Werner said about Rome.
At S. Maria del Popolo look for the Caravaggio painting The Conversion
of St. Peter. In the movie My Own Private Idaho, a film that may or
may not be to your taste, has some great shots of the two churches
in the Piazza del Popolo.  That may be interesting to see once you return,
for the nostalgic content. Bear in mind, I've never heard anyone be luke-
warm about this film, either they really like it, or they think its
At S. Giovanni in Laterano, look for the remnants of the Giotto fresco
in the basilica. The acoustics in the basilica are kind of wacky, if you
stand at opposite corners with someone and speak into the wall it conducts
the voices as though you are standing next to one another.  Also, there
are these gorgeous porphyry (sp?) columns in the round room off the main
basilica.  There is a real name for this room, but I forget what its
called.  And once you find this room off to the side is another room
with a great mosaic.
At the Arocoeli Church look for the Famous Santa Bambino known for
its miraculous ability to heal the ill.
Other places to see; S. Clemente, Basilica di S. Paulo, which is'nt
as nice as S. giovanni but the cloister is worth the trip.  And, the Pantheon.
Some hot tips about protecting yourself in Rome; the gypsy children can spot
tourists easily and they will try to steal your wallet or purse.  I
had a friend who made me this great pouch that was big enough to hold the
necessities, passport, money, etc. that i wore around my neck and
tucked under a layer of clothing.
November is wonderful time of year to be there!  The tourist season has
died down.  Italians are so curious and interested in Americans, that they
will welcome you.  I could go on and on, but will stop for now.  Oh, one
more thing, when mailing letters go the the Vatican Post office.  Its a great
walk and you can see the Mussolini architecture contrasted with S. Peters.
When facing St. Peters there is a lesser known P.O. to the left that is
rarely crowded and in better shape then the one to the right where everyone
goes. If you get a chance, use the bathroom there.  Some great graffitti
on the walls and an elderly woman who sits there all day.  Don't forget
to tip!
I better stop for now.  Jenny

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