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Peking Library Site

This came to me over a International Development listserve I receive.
Thought it might be of interest to some.


Asian Studies WWW Announcements: late September 1998, Vol. 5, No. 63
  25 Sep 1998

  Peking University Library

  Peking University, Beijing, China

  Self-description: "Among all university libraries in China the library

  collection [est. 1902 - ed.] ranks the first, [with] about 4,500,000
items. It
  includes 2,700,000 items in Chinese and 900,000 items in different
  languages. There are also 650,000 volumes of [...] periodicals and
  documents [and] 160,000 [...] rare books."

  Site contents: Opening hours; About the library; Online search [of the

  Library catalogues - ed.]; Beyond the library; Web class; FTP Service;


  [The crisply designed, fast-loading site offers a choice between the
  version (http://www.lib.pku.edu.cn/chtml/) and the equivalent English
  translation - ed.]

  URL http://www.lib.pku.edu.cn

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