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25th Anniversary of Larkspur Press

25th Anniversary of Larkspur Press / Workshop on Printing & Decorated Papers

     Kentucky's literary stars will join in celebrating the 25th anniversary of
 Larkspur Press on Friday, 13 November, at 7:00 p.m.  The event will be in the
Peal Gallery, at the University of Kentucky's King Library - North in

     Gray Zeitz, a poet and the proprietor of the small Kentucky publishing
house in Monterey, has produced over fifty books and broadsides, and has been
fortunate to attract manuscripts from some of Kentucky's foremost literary

     The Larkspur authors who will highlights Zeitz's devotion to contemporary
Kentucky writing include Wendell Berry, Guy Daveport, Jonathan Greene, James
Baker Hall, Ed McClanahan, Bobbie Ann Mason, Gurney Norman, Fred Smock, and
Richard Taylor.  Steve Sanfield, of Nevada City, CA, will also participate.
J. Hill Hamon will salute Zeitz as a printer.

     Zetiz sets metal type by hand, prints on fine papers, and uses antique
printing presses.  Some of his limited editions are hand-bound, using
decorated papers, fabrics, or leathers.  Typically, a book may require a
year or more from manuscript to edition.

     Friday's evening of readings in the U. K. Rare Books Department is free
and open to all.


     On Saturday, 14 November, Zeitz will conduct a workshop focusing on
printing and on making decorated papers for bookbinding.  The workshop will be
held at the Larkspur Press printing office in Monterey.  (The King Library
press if Sawdridge Creek rises.)  There will be a modest charge for the
workshop, and participation will be limited.

     These activities are sponsored by The King Library Press, Department of
Special Collections, at the University of Kentucky.  For further information
about either the Friday evening program or the Saturday Book Arts Workshop,
call (606) 257-8408, e-mail klijdb@xxxxxxxxxxxx, or write to The King Library
Press, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington, KY 40506-0039.

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