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Re: Etching Question

Hello, I print, and I do multiplates, but I never mix zinc or copper
together.  Copper always oxidizes and zinc does not, so they both
mix very differently with the pigments.  In the future I would not
use the two together.  Copper can pull 200 prints, zinc only 50 or so,
so you see they are both different surfaces.


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On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Audrey Niffenegger wrote:

> To Robyn Sassen:  Re: uneven ink distribution on etching plates
> Robyn, you don't say what colors you are using, but here are some possible
> causes/solutions to this problem.  1)  You are printing in blue, white, green
> or mixing those colors into others.  Some pigments are stiffer and more
> difficult to wipe.  I usually add #00 burnt plate oil to the ink to loosen it
> up and make it wipe easier.  2)  The tin of ink you are using is old and the
> oil in it has aged and become denser and stickier.  Either add plate oil or buy
> fresh ink.  3)  you're just wiping unevenly.  Make sure you are bunching the
> tarleton tightly into a ball and not wafting it around and dabbing at the
> plate.  Don't use phone book paper or newspaper to wipe; do hand wipe.  Make
> sure you are wiping in an even pattern across the plates.  4)  The weather
> could be your problem because humidity makes inks harder to wipe; add a little
> magnesium carbonate to your ink or turn on the air conditioning/dehumidifier.
> Dry heat should make things easier to wipe.  Some people heat their plates a
> little to loosen the ink, but if you do this don't cook the ink into your plate
> or you will make things worse.  Good luck.
> Robyn Sassen wrote:
> > Dear All
> >
> > I've recently started printing again after a very long hiatus and wonder if
> > any of you may be able to give me a word of advice.  I'm encountering a lot
> > of scumming on my plates.  It's suddenly become very hot over here and I
> > don't know if it could be a contributary factor.  I am working with T M
> > Lawrence tinned ink and am printing two plates in one image - the one is
> > zinc and the other is copper.  Both have been etched at various depths,
> > utilising aquatint as well as hard ground techniques.  I'm planning to do a
> > combination of chine colles on this image and am disturbed that I am not
> > getting a regular ink distribution across both plates.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Robyn Sassen.

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