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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Dear Lilias,

>I feel that a book MUST ( in capital letters )

*s*... so that's what capital letters are...

>contain information of some sort.  However we do have "blank" books,
>dont we .......

One of the books in my angel project is going to be based on Gabriel. At
the moment all of the 540 pages are going to be blank apart from one
page which might have a small smudge on it because Gabriel is squeaky
clean: he was apparently ordered temporarily out of heaven once for
failing to follow one of God's orders precisely to the letter (hence the
smudge). It will have a pair of eyes on the front and be placed in a bed
of linen.

I'm fairly sure this is an artists book: I think it only contains
information if you stretch definition of the latter to its elastic

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