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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Hi Wes

But if we are to interpret Gabriel from the way you bind and present the
book, it IS presenting information.

Em Taverner

PS:  Gabriel is most famous as a messenger and is also the patron saint of
telecommunications: perhaps you could make the book speak!

PPS: Gone off Michael then?  *grin*  Happy Michaelmas anyway :)

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> Sent: 29 September 1998 09:59
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> Subject:      Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding
> Dear Lilias,
> >I feel that a book MUST ( in capital letters )
> *s*... so that's what capital letters are...
> >contain information of some sort.  However we do have "blank" books,
> >dont we .......
> One of the books in my angel project is going to be based on Gabriel. At
> the moment all of the 540 pages are going to be blank apart from one
> page which might have a small smudge on it because Gabriel is squeaky
> clean: he was apparently ordered temporarily out of heaven once for
> failing to follow one of God's orders precisely to the letter (hence the
> smudge). It will have a pair of eyes on the front and be placed in a bed
> of linen.
> I'm fairly sure this is an artists book: I think it only contains
> information if you stretch definition of the latter to its elastic
> limit.
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