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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

>Hi Wes
>But if we are to interpret Gabriel from the way you bind and present the
>book, it IS presenting information.
>Em Taverner
>PS:  Gabriel is most famous as a messenger and is also the patron saint of
>telecommunications: perhaps you could make the book speak!
>PPS: Gone off Michael then?  *grin*  Happy Michaelmas anyway :)
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>> From: wes white [SMTP:octopuspowder@xxxxxxxxxxx]
>> Sent: 29 September 1998 09:59
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>> Subject:      Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding
>> Dear Lilias,
>> >I feel that a book MUST ( in capital letters )
>> *s*... so that's what capital letters are...
>> >contain information of some sort.  However we do have "blank" books,
>> >dont we .......
I remember when this discussion came up in "Annie Hall"  Woody Allen pulled
Marshall McCluhan from behind a curtain to re-state  "the medium is the

I am a printmaker.
In addition to single sheet prints, I also create work in book form.
Book form allows my work to make use of the element of time in the
development of content.
It also allows for more intimacy in viewing, and the linear cognition or
"logic" of text to play against the pre-cognitive  perceptions of form.
I therefore use book forms for more complex content than single 2 dim. works.

The local newspaper produces limited edition lithographic prints each day.
(The run is limited to a certain no. and it is printed using the offset
litho. process)
Many of the large book publishers publish editions of large print versions
of mystery and sci-fi
These publications are usually without formal merit, and in the case of the
large print books, down right UGLY.     I  read them anyway.

Cheers, Charlie J.

Charles D. Jones
and professor of art
Crazy Creek Press
Stephen F. Austin State Univ.
Box 13001 SFA sta
Nacogcoches, Tx. 75961

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